Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Woven Paintings with 1st Grade

First graders had done construction paper weaving in Kindergarten so they had the technique down. We took that a step further by creating two separate paintings and weaving them together. We had talked about concentric circles during a previous lesson in which we studied the abstract art of Alma Woodsey Thomas. The students were tasked with creating one concentric circle painting in cool colors and one in warm colors. They could choose to do one, two, or three circles but they had to fill the entire paper with paint. When the paintings were dry, they used rulers to measure and cut one piece into a loom and the other piece into strips. I had coordinating construction paper ready to go for those who made a tragic misstep with the scissors. Luckily since they had done this before, that only happened once or twice. We mounted the finished weaving on black construction paper. I loved the final product!

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