Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mixed Media Space Collages

4th graders created these mixed media collages by painting their own papers and cutting them into space shapes. We began by looking at actual photographs from the Mars Rover and talking about the different elements that we noticed in the Martian landscape. Then, I demonstrated several different watercolor techniques including: wax resist, salt, wet-on-wet, and dry brush. The students were given liquid watercolors and allowed to just play and experiment with these techniques on a sheet of white paper. While that paper was drying, we used watered-down white tempera to spray our "stars" on the black paper. For the next class, I passed out more Mars Rover photos and the kids were able to begin cutting their painted paper into abstract and geometric shapes to create their spacescape. I really emphasized overlapping for this one. Finally, I showed them how to use some vine charcoal to finish it off with shadows. We talked a lot about why the shadows all had to go on the same side of the shape and also how to use the charcoal to create textures on the mountains. I think these turned out really nice and the kids really enjoyed this one. Most of them picked this piece as the one they wanted to go in the end of year art show.

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